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3 Advantages of Power Pick Global Software

Power Pick Global is a software package made to help manage warehouses by improving picking strategies so that multiple orders are completed in the fastest time possible. Aside from helping workers find where supplies and products are in the warehouse, this also allows managers to produce flexible plans so that productivity is increased. While there are many similar programs available, Power Pick Global has a few unique advantages. This is made to work with the Kardex warehouse system, and you will only get all the benefits if you are using that system.

Optimized Picking
Picking products in a warehouse seems like an easy task, but there is so much room for error and confusion that productivity is often reduced unless you have a comprehensive program to help guide employees. The first thing that Power Pick does is that it allows you to set picking plans so that various batches can be finished simultaneously. This means that employees can do 10 or more batches at a time as opposed to one or two.

The program also tells employees exactly where products are, and will even shine a light to the exact location. Aside from making it easier for employees to find what they are looking for, this ensures that they don’t accidentally get similar looking items.

Many warehouse software packages are inflexible because you can’t change them at will. You can typically make a plan for employees, but you can’t change it once the employees are out picking items. Power Pick is different because it allows you to immediately change plans if new orders come in or if existing orders alter.

You can also change item locations in the system as your warehouse rotates and grows. This ensures that the program is always serving your needs. These changes are quite easy, which means that you won’t be spending hours to update the information. Even a computer novice can easily learn the tools and commands to effectively control this program.

Reduce Costs
Enhanced productivity is one way of reducing costs, but there’s more to it than that. Warehouses typically can only have so many shelves because too many can easily confuse employees. They could look for hours to find a certain product to fulfill the order. Since Power Pick guides them directly to the item with a lighted display, you can really use up all your storage space and fill your warehouse.

This can also reduce return costs because human error is practically erased. Every business has to worry about returned items. Sometimes the items are defective, which will always be a problem, but sometimes it’s because your employee shipped the wrong product. You can completely remove this cost by using Power Pick.

Power Pick Global has some unique advantages that you won’t find with other programs. Aside from using a light that directly guides employees to the product they need to get, it’s also very flexible and allows you to optimize storage space. Another great benefit is that you can work on multiple orders at once to get everything done much faster.

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