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5 Reasons 3D Glasses Enhance the Movie Experience

3D movies are nothing new. In the 1950s, 3D movies were extremely popular, but the phase quickly fizzled out. Thanks to modern technology and improvements in projectors, today’s 3D movies are no longer a novelty, they can actually enhance the movie experience. The next time you line up at the box office, consider the following five reasons why you should choose the 3D showing.

RealD 3D

The modern 3D movie showings use glasses known as RealD 3D optics. Instead of the classic red and blue 3D designs, the RealD 3D use clear tinted frames to watch the special effects footage. This dramatic change allows you to see the film the way it was intended. You can enjoy the original colors and production while still taking in all of the impressive 3D imagery. The glasses are typically crafted in a durable plastic, also making them comfortable to wear on your face during the film.

3D Film Technology

A lot of major motion pictures are actually filmed using 3D cameras. This means that the films are intended to be watched in the 3D format. By watching them in their intended format, the 3D effects are more effective and you can enjoy the experience that the original director intended on. For example, in an action film, a 3D camera can capture every explosion and punch through the 3D lens, truly making you feel like a part of the action.

Focal Points

During a movie, a lot is happening on the screen at once. Instead of missing moments or beats, 3D technology brings specific focal points up front and center. For example, during a large fight scene, the main characters you should focus on will literally stand out from the rest. In a crowded film like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you known what Stormtrooper or Jedi to focus on.

Genre Movies

3D are particularly enhanced when you watch genre film productions of the movies. Horror films feature more scares when villains are popping out of the screen. Action films help you feel the explosion. Animated films are perfect for 3D glasses, because it truly pulls into a world where anything can happen and characters really come to life. Your whole experience can be changed in a genre film, when the specific features of the genre are highlighted through the 3D effects. For example, in the movie Jurassic World, a chase scene is made more lively when it appears that the dinosaur is literally running through the screen. It enhances the realism and fear that the film creates.

Character & Story Connection

Movies can naturally immerse you into a story or character’s life. By wearing 3D glasses, a stronger connection can be felt on screen. This is especially true when watching 3D footage of location shots. Wide shots of a city or forest have more chances to be dynamic and pull you in while wearing 3D glasses. You get a true sense of the environment and characters that are a part of the story.

The next time you attend a movie, see the difference it can make by opting in for the 3D showing.

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