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5 Reasons your Business Needs Full Color Printing

There is a reason why black-and-white television is now considered a charming relic of times past. Full color television just looks better! We live in a world that is full of colors, and while researchers still don’t fully understand why certain people like some colors better than other colors, what is known is the use of color can heavily influence what people buy and how much of it they buy.

In this post, learn five key reasons why your business should be using full color printing for your marketing and promotional materials.

A Note About Color Psychology
Color preference is part of a wider field called color psychology. Color psychology looks at why people prefer the colors and the color combinations that they do and how color influences thoughts, feelings and choices.

While it is nearly impossible to quantify color psychology to the point where color choice becomes a “sure thing,” researchers can prove that taking time to choose colors carefully and choose the right colors can and does pay off.

5 Reasons to Go Full Color
Most people will make a decision within 90 seconds about a person or a product, and 62-90 percent of this decision-making process is based solely on color. Here are five tips to be sure your colors prompt your customers to make decisions that add to your bottom line!

Reason #1: Your customers crave it.
Even if your customers don’t crave your products and services yet, they definitely crave the visual appeal of color. The more visually appealing your materials are, the more likely you are to sell more of the products/services they are marketing.

Reason #2: Matching color with your brand identity improves trust.
This is called congruency. When your use of colors matches up well with your customers perceptions of your brand and what you offer, their trust in you will rise and you will be more likely to make the sale.

Reason #3: Color can make your product stand out from the crowd.
Strategic use of a single vibrant color against a white or black background can make a lasting visual impression. This is called the “isolation effect.” It will work with either black or white plus a color, and this can help improve product sales as well as overall brand recognition and recall.

Reason #4: Color can create a purchasing road map.
Creating an escalating series of colors in your marketing materials can function like a roadmap to lead your customers from A to Z. The colors serve as their own visual “how to” guide to encourage a purchase.

Reason #5: Color can brand your products for you.
Finally, how you describe your color products can literally brand those products as more or less desirable. Research shows that color names that have more luster or personality (i.e. “razzmatazz red” versus simply “red”) will create more of a desire to purchase that item.

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