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6 Common Myths of Incontinence

Bladder control is for some either a sensitive topic or brings a childish attitude of laughter to people. For the people dealing with incontinence it is not a joke it is painful and a constant bother. Misunderstanding, misconceptions and false truths complicate what can ease for many people who suffer with incontinence.

1. Only in the Elderly
It is true that with age, the likelihood of suffering from it is higher. Although, 1 in 4 women aged 18 and older are currently dealing with it. The average age for men and women to deal with it is actually in the mid to late 40’s.

2. Normal for a Small Leak
Since incontinence starts very subtly and small, most people will not assume it is a medical condition that needs to be seen by a doctor. Women tend to think of the symptoms that are tied with their menstrual cycle so this can prevent a longer time to see a doctor.

3. Drinking Less will Prevent an Accident
The mindset of drinking less water will prevent it from happening is also not healthy. Drinking water in small supply can actually help with bladder control all trough the day.

4. It is not a Serious Problem
Many associate incontinence with embarrassing situations, but not truly think it is a serious problem to have. At first, it may seem that way, but when someone has to deal with accidents or odors this can stop someone from socializing or going out in public which can then turn to a very isolated life.

5. Going Natural
This can be an eye roller for some when natural or home remedies are mentioned. In fact, natural remedies like magnesium or vitamin D in food or pill form can aid with some of the illness. Kegel exercises or using a biofeedback can work on the bladder muscles for strength. Avoiding caffeine, alcohol, no smoking and keeping a balanced weight can also help with incontinence and its’ side effects.

6. If Nothing else works, Surgery
This does not just apply to bladder issues; this applies to all medical problems. Surgery should be the absolute last resort for anyone and everyone. Try all other routes such as a natural approach, healthy lifestyle, medications for alleviating some of the unpleasantness. Even more so, medical devices can be used like a pessary for help. Extensive surgeries can unfortunately pose more of a risk than a fix in some cases.

There are wrong impressions that people have concerning incontinence. With a little research and advice from the professional, there are ways to go about having a pleasant and happy life.

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